There’s no place like home.

Age is just a number, and everyone has a choice to live happily in the comfort of their own home, even if it means getting a little help at times. 

Our Healthcare professionals are compassionate, dedicated Caregivers to licensed Registered Nurses, bringing care right to your door.  Because there’s no place like home.   

After all, home is where the heart is.  

The Avanti Difference

AvantiCare is committed to delivering compassionate “one to one” care experiences. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing the care your loved ones require in the comfort of your own home, while still living as independent as possible.  We have a wide range of services, both medical and non-medical care to accommodate your healthcare needs.   

Homecare Services

Prepare and plan weekly meals 

Assist with grocery lists 

Monitor diet 

Check for expired foods 

Companionship & Conversation  

Assist with reminders & appointments  

Make sure bills are paid on time  

Plan day to day activities, outings and trips 

Visit neighbors and friends and assist with entertaining  

Care for houseplants, etc. 

Full or light housekeeping 

Changing the beds, Laundry  

Organization of home, decluttering, downsizing of home 

Assistance with household maintenance   

Daily to weekly one to one monitoring 


Medication reviews 

Consults with physicians on your behalf 

Family support 

Wound dressing/monitoring 





Cognitive Impairment

Our licensed caregivers will accompany you to doctors appointments. They are there to assist in understanding information that may be given by physicians and relay that to family as needed, or to your Avanti Care team to support your Care Plan. These supports are in place in the event that you require help getting to and coming from appointments. 

Hospital Support

We understand that medical events which place loved ones in the hospital can be overwhelming. Patients and families may find themselves in need of additional support and comfort during these times.  How can we help you?  

  • Personal one to one care by supportive, experienced healthcare professionals 
  • Rehabilitation Support  
  • Post-Operative Support 
  • Helping you navigate your way through the healthcare system  
  • Home care planning and arrangements  
  • Assistance with Discharge, transfer from the hospital to home  



Wellness Check

Families often do not live close to their loved ones; Avanti Care understands the anxiety of not having a connection to them when reaching out. We are available to do a wellness check on your family member, giving you peace of mind from afar that they are safe at home. 

Memory Care

Our healthcare staff are skilled in the transitions that our elderly population go through, both cognitively and physically. They are assessing your loved ones during each visit looking for signs of improvement and decline. Dementia care is a very important aspect of our services as research suggests that memory care activities extent longevity and slow the speed of memory decline. Avanti Care specializes in memory care activities such as;

  • Keeping a schedule 
  • Physical activity which is great for circulation and cognitive function 
  • Emotional connections in a social setting is found to have great cognitive benefits 
  • Independent care plans/assessments 
  • Using tools to support specific brain activities as per the care plan, one on one with a caregiver or in a group setting supported by the caregiver 

Need a helping hand?   Lost in the healthcare system?   We are here to help you navigate your way.  We proudly partner with a network of communities.  Being better informed helps you make better decisions for you and your loved ones.  

416.892.6206 or 519.854.0650

Ask A Nurse

Sometimes you need a quick answer to a health question. Maybe your concern can’t wait until you see your doctor. You can talk to our registered nurse’s day or night to get help with: 

  • Deciding whether to visit a doctor or urgent care center 
  • Understanding your symptoms 
  • Managing chronic conditions 
  • Learning about treatment options and medical procedures


    Call 416.892.6206 or 519.854.0650 

    If you need urgent or emergency care, call 911 and/or your doctor immediately. 


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  • Disclaimer 

    Staff on the nurse call line cannot diagnose, prescribe or give medical advice. Call your doctor with any questions or concerns about your health. 

    This material is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Health information programs provide general health information and are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a physician or other health care professional. Contact a health care professional with any questions or concerns about specific health care needs.  

There's no place like home

Best Care

AvantiCare supports the difficult decisions that families must make to strategize the best care for their loved ones. Our compassionate caregivers are there to support the choice to keep loved ones safe at home. Our special team delivers all essential home care supports from maintaining the home, to longevity of care. We also understand that continuity is an especially important aspect of caring for our seniors in their homes. We deliver continuity of care by designating caregivers to your loved ones as much as possible, to support a family relationship with caregivers.


We are available 24/7 for your needs, whether it is to change a schedule or add time, or simply to have empathic support. Our Care specialists understand the strains on families and are here for you.

One to One Care

Our companions become a part of your family and share a special bond with your loved ones. Having the supports of Avanti Caregivers allows your loved ones to engage in social gatherings, develop physical fitness regimes, promote a healthy nutritional balance to meals, and engage in spiritual connections. Isolation often develops in our senior population, however, rest assured Avanti Caregivers will serve as ambassadors to motivating and encouraging healthy social, and emotional domains of wellness for your loved ones.

Other Services

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